Alpha Cartridge Needles- Long Taper Flat MAGs

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Alpha Brand Cartridge Needles

Flat Mag Long Taper

These are sizes that are Bj's go to groupings, expect a wider variety soon!

From BJ:

"These needles are a culmination of almost 30 years of tattooing, the first 12 years or so of which I spent making needles like it was my job, and if I say so myself, I made a pretty damn good tattoo needle. 
I’ve tried so many different styles of needles; long taper, short taper, tight and loose groupings, textured, bug pin, every type of solder, I took everything I liked and now we have Alpha Brand Needles. 

I learned how to tattoo using coil machines (and still do), but I also use and love rotary machines, so I wanted to make sure the cartridges perform the same as needles on the bar that I’ve used for so long. 

I’ve noticed that while using rotary machines, there seemed to be just a slight flutter and flex with the needles, which causes a small flutter in the line work. I tried different things and found that having a stiffer needle grouping helped the most with that issue and allowed those cartridges to perform just as efficiently. 

I wanted the shaders to be a great, all around go-to needle, great for everything from smooth black and grey to packing solid color."

Boxes of 20 premade Sterilized Needles.

We have not noticed fitment issues with these needles in some of todays most popular grips and machines, if you notice an issue please let us know.

Made from #12 304 stock unless otherwise stated.